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FSR 2 – Upscaling for Unity

Optimize and increase your framerate with AMD’s FidelityFX Super Resolution 2, now available for Unity!

Boost your frames with FSR 2 Upscaling for Unity!

Current FSR 2 version: 2.2.1

FSR2 is an upscaling technique, creating high quality and resolution frames based on lower resolution input. By using this, your project can run in a drastically lower resolution without losing visual quality and increasing the framerate!

This Unity asset is created to interface with AMD’s FidelityFX FSR 2 found here:

If your project is limited by GPU performance, FSR 2 will give you a higher framerate. If a project is limited by CPU performance, all it will do is make the GPU workload lower. While this may seem like a big limitation, it also means a laptop will use way less battery power when using FSR 2!

Easy to use

Simply drag our FSR 2 component on your camera and you’re all set to go!

Both Built-in and URP are a single drag and drop, but for HDRP you need to make two small changes to the source files. All described in detail in our documentation!

Platform support

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