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Fruit Slot Machine Bonus Game (Slots, Reels, Fruits and More)

Download Fruit Slot Machine Bonus Game FREE Unity (Slots, Reels, Fruits and More) 

This tool is effortless to use the script that will attach an endless number of slot reels to a game.

– Unity 3.5, Unity 4+ and Unity 5+.
– Very customizable.
– Nice custom editors to manage the asset.
– Use as many reels as you want 3, 10 or more.
– Use to add a bonus when you start a game.
– Use to add a bonus at the end of a level.
– Match mode or bonus mode.
– Match middle, top, bottom or on diagonal.
– Includes Hold and Nudge functionality.
– Create your own reel graphics.
– Fully event-driven.
– Full sound effects can be turned on if required.
– Control the size and positioning.
– PLAYMAKER Integration.
– Clean, short and simple C# code.
– No external DLLs or external resources.
– Full documentation included.
– Fully documented examples.

Use this package inside your game to produce bonuses or use as a traditional fruit machine. Can be placed anywhere in your scene.