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FPS Ultimate Survival Template

Survival FPS template based on Rust style

UST Ultimate Survival Template 2.0

Reworking is here !

IMPORTANT – Please import in a NEW PROJECT if you are using version before V2.0

Follow every news on discord,the progress on Trello or see patch note HERE!

Not compatible with URP or HDRP due to day and night system and weather system for now


Youtube playlist (new version incoming)

Patch note versions


Feel free to contact me 🙂

You may not want every system so I make a simple bool to enable or disable some system and try to make others easy to disable ^^


Electricity System (Currently in rework to fit last update)

Features :

– Showcase scene

– FPS controller

Headbobing, idle breathing, fall damage based on height and gravity. Foot steps sound based on surface material

– Vitals

Use vitals as you like with infinite possibilities , just add the vital you want to and scriptablme object to rules it !

Health, stamina, sleep, hunger, thirst, depleting with time.

– Sleeping system

Sleep the time you like between 1h and 24h

– Day and night cycle

With adjustable min/max light, bounces, ambient, fog

– Weather system

Volumetrics clouds, sun, rain with ripples, snow.

– Weather zones

Define rainy, snowy, sunny zones by entering it

– Consumable items

Instant use or use with timer.

– Equipment & stats system

Head, chest, arms, legs slot. Head is in front of camera( to see the model from inside).

Stat on each equipment part, caculated on general stats (armor, poison resistances, etc…)


– Team AI

Team AI based. AI not in same team will fight eachother. AI in player team will be passive to him

– Enemy ranged AI

Spawner, field of view, wandering, chasing, shooting, looking for player when loose view at it and leaving player run away at distance, looting items. Respawn or destroy itself after a timer

– Enemy melee AI

Spawner, field of view, wandering, chasing, attacking, looking for player when loose view at it, leaving player run away at distance. Respawn or destroy itself after a timer