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Medieval Weapons – Ultimate Pack

Expand the armory of your projects with this collection of 33 AAA quality weapon models. Swords – from shortswords to a zweihander, axes, warhammers, maces, halberds and other polearms – this selection of models has everything needed for a medieval field of battle!

Every model uses 4K PBR textures, assuring realistic appearance and astounding attention to detail and is a perfect match for First Person and VR games.
The models’ triangle count ranges from ~1000 to 4000 triangles.
Custom shield shader allows you to create your own heraldry with up to 4 decal layers, with over 30 decal masks to choose from.

The pack contains total of 43 usable prefabs – 10 sword models, 8 polearm models, 4 axes, 5 blunt weapons, 2 daggers and 4 shield models – 3 of which are customizable and have 5 material variant prefabs for each shield type.

The custom shield shader supports Standard Rendering Pipeline only.