FPS Builder

Download FPS Builder Free Unity. 

FPS Builder is a first-person shooter game template focused on delivering high-quality artwork merged with a robust and functional scripting system ready for any project.

The purpose of this project is to provide you with a solid foundation for developing your own FPS game with a complete set of systems covering all parts.


The player uses a smooth and reliable physics-driven Character Controller with a camera controller. It features most systems present in the current AAA titles in the market, like ladder climbing, sliding, and parkour skills. It also includes an advanced health management system, capable of simulating the majority of body members and their characteristics.

We have worked on a complete procedural animator for cameras and weapons, for simulating movement-like and action’s responsiveness. Make your users feel what is happening to the character in-game, visually.

The weapon system is a completely comprehensive system used to simulate a vast array of weaponry intricately, yet retaining a high level of ease of use, using the power of both procedural and imported animations to create seamless weapon simulations. The weapon system can handle all types of modern firearms from sniper rifles to a fully automated pistol, you can create any kind of bullet projectile-based guns.

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