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Forever – Endless Runner Engine

Download Forever – Endless Runner Engine Free Unity. 

A user-friendly, flexible solution for the generation of linear, procedural levels. Forever is ideal for endless runner games, procedural racing games and more.

Used in the creation of Lifeslide

Key Features:
– Procedural path generation
– Automatic mesh and object extrusion along the generated path
– Multithreading support for the generation process
– Object Pooling
– Works great on mobile
– Works for both 3D and 2D projects
– Easy and straightforward setup
– Offers built-in logic for traversing level paths
– Minimal programming skills required to write player behaviors
– Flexible and easily extendable functionality
– Open Source
– Level streaming feature for bigger projects


The way Forever works is by extruding and snapping together level segments. The level segments are special kinds of prefabs that are created inside the Unity editor. Use the tools you know to create the level design for each segment and let our system do the rest.