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Forest Fire

Forest Fire Free Download Unreal Engine. 

This forest fire pack contains all the art and materials necessary to start your own Unreal 4 fire!


This pack contains 16 particle systems with various sized smoke, ambient, and fire effects. It also includes 21 forest and foliage meshes with custom materials for wind animations, vertex painted embers, fire, and more as well as an advanced 5 material blend ground shader built from the ground up to work with said particle systems. All meshes included contain LoDs and lightmaps while all particle systems also contain LoDs. Finally all materials are commented for understanding and an educational map is included for further breakdowns of the techniques used.
Technical Details
Intended Platform: PC
Maps: 3 (Demonstration, Overview, Educational)
Materials: 17 (16 base materials, 1 custom used in the educational map)
Material Instances: 45
Platforms Tested: PC
Physically Based Rendering: Yes
LoDs: Yes for all non particle meshes, yes for all environment meshes

Vertex Count:
• 4-800 for vfx meshes
• 51–5100 nature ground meshes
• 6-1600 small foliage
• 6500 –32100 trees