Forest Animal Wolf

Download Forest Animal Wolf FREE Unity

This is a High Poly 3D Model of a Wolf including ALPHA with meshes optimized to a Low Poly version:
•Wolf – HP 8468 tris with Alpha;
•Wolf – LP 4498 tris;
•Wolf – SLP 2518 tris.
The model has 40 Bones.

Textures with ALPHA:
•Wolf – 3 Color Textures, 3 Diffuse (TGA: grey with Alpha), 1 Normal, 1 Specular, 1 Ambient Occlusion Maps (all 2k).
For more Animations & High Spec see Forest Animal – Wolf Pack (FULL) version of this Asset.

Model has 36 UNIQE Animations (InPlace & RootMotion). The Unity Project contains TWO[2] FBX Files, one with ‘In Place’ animations and second with ‘Root Motion’ animations, which are a GREAT ASSET to this Model:

Idle, AttackJump, AttackPawRigh, Creeping, Death, Eating, FightIdle, GoToSleep/Sleeping, WakeUp, Howling, Jumping, LieDown, Rest, StandUp, Running, Walk/WalkBack, Hit Left/Right/Front/Back, Swimming, Jumping 01, Attack Jaw.

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