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ForceField Effects

HDRPURP and LWRP are supported

Fully customizable and optimized ForceField VFX Pack. We made all shaders and materials extremely tweakable, so you can create your own unique effects very easily. Almost every parameter can be adjusted. All of these effects will fit in every game, a stylized or realistic one. This package also comes with a collection of color gradients, which can be used for more advanced coloring. Also, you can generate those gradient ramps procedurally in a provided script.

BONUS: Tons of noise textures, gradient ramps, and mesh effects

– 39 Complete VFX Prefabs
– Multiple array shader variants
– Custom mesh shader variants
– Unlimited number of Hits and Sub-Spheres
– Extreme customization and flexibility
– 70+ Textures, Noises, and Ramps
– Linear and Gamma ready
– HDR Support
– Deferred and Forward rendering
– Multiple effects layers
– Performance optimization
– Example DemoScene