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Foliage Renderer

The Foliage Render is a replacement renderer for Unity Terrain Tree’s and Details rendering, using Instance Indirect rendering for faster rendering.

The Foliage Renderer replaces Unity Terrain’s Tree and Detail rendering with a faster, indirect rendering path.


– GPU based rendering, freeing up significant CPU time

– Cell based Streaming and Culling of terrain details

– GPU based Frustum Culling

– GPU based HI-Z Occlusion Culling in BiRP, HDRP & URP

– Supports up to 4 LODs per object with LOD Crossfade Support

– Supports LODs on Unity Terrain Details

– Support for Single Pass Stereo Rendering

– Ability to pass Height, Normal, and Albedo of terrain, as well as user defined per-terrain data to vegetation shaders.

– Custom shaders and shader code to allow conforming objects to the terrain

– Custom shaders and shader code to allow tinting objects with the terrain’s albedo

– Can overload visible distance and shadow distance per object

– Can overload max LOD usage for faster shadow rendering

– Compressed data structures for faster processing and reduced memory usage