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Foggy Lights

Download Foggy Lights FREE Unity. 

Foggy Lights will enhance your light sources by adding a glowing effect around them.


“Foggy Lights” is a visual effect that creates a light halo. It provides you with the option to add a light that matches the glow color and intensity in real time. It takes into account scene depth in order to avoid hard intersections with the environment. You can also offset the effect to make it appear closer or further.

Foggy Lights will enhance light sources in your scene as you can see in the image above.

Foggy Lights Editor Icons & key positions


Fog Volume Container

In case you use a Foggy Light inside a Fog Volume, you may want Fog to affect light. As soon as this field is filled, the Foggy Light will be attenuated by distance according to Fog Volume visibility.

Blend Mode

Allows you to switch between blend modesadditive or alpha blended

Apply Tonemap

Performs tonemapping operator to the final intensity

Inside Fog Volume

Turns Fog Volume influence on or off.

Point light color

Sets the light color.

Point light Intensity

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