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Flying Eye Character Pack – Fantasy RPG

Flying Eye monster with laser beams, melee attacks, and wild tentacles. Comes with particles, mesh morphing, concept art, music, and sound effects.

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Flying Eye Pack PBR brings you a staple of any quality RPG. This eyeball with tentacles is an emitional creature, even with just his eye to show it! The animations are detailed and realistic, and include plenty of dialation of the iris and more. Blend Shapes allow you to customize the Flying Eye even more, adjusting the physical mesh to your liking.


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⚡ Flying Eye – Bonus Files 1 – Concept Art, Animation Rig

⚡ Flying Eye – Bonus Files 2 – Atavism Files

⚡ Flying Eye – Bonus Files 3 – Music



Infinity PBR is the work of over a dozen artists each doing what they do best. I want to make the most versatile, highest quality assets for indie game devs, made the way I would want them to be for my own projects (actually, I do make them my own projects!). Each asset needs to be high quality, insanely customizable, and needs to feel real. Realistic animations and textures. There are some amazing assets on the store, and I believe that my packs are among the best.