Fluid Portals System & Non-euclidian Tunnels

Download Fluid Portals System & Non-euclidian Tunnels FREE Unity. 

This asset gives you:
– Fluid Portals System
– Non-Eculidian tunnel effect
– A first person controller …all ready to drag and use.

At the bottom you have links to online documentation,video of the latest version being played and demonstration of the easy implementation. Also, a real build so you can play the demo yourself.

“Fluid portals” means you can enter a portal (from room A to room B) without noticing when you leave one room and enter the other, since you can see the other room at every moment, as if it was really there across the arch.

This portals only teleport from one side. From the other side they look like normal archs.

This package also contains a “non-euclidian” tunnel effect. That means, a tunnel that from outside looks short but from inside is huge, and it comes in two versions:
– One with both long sides
– One with only one long side (only from one end you enter the long tunnel)

The package contains a demo scene with 4 rooms connected with this portals, and a ball gun, just to experiment with other objects going through portals.

From version 1.1, when two portals has different rotations (for example, one facing north and other facing west, or one in the wall and the other in the roof), they work very smoothly. When something teleports, it also “rotates” its velocity, and changes in position are also calclulated considering the rotations.

When crossing portals, forewards or backwards, there is absolutely no flickering or jumps. Teleportation are really smooth and unnoticeable.

Since version 1.2, a simple first person controller is included, so the Demo Scene is completely playable as it is, no 3rd party controller is needed.

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