Fluent Animation – An incredible animation queue system

Incredibly easy way to animate almost anything using fluent functions.

Playing animations back-to-back and chaining them one after another can be frustrating using existing Unity packages. Fluent Animation is here to make it simple to execute a series of animations or tasks using a few of lines of code. It uses a procedural/functional approach to solving a decade old problem, and it’s quite powerful as well:

– Powerful animation queue system
– Move, rotate, scale almost anything
– Execute animations in parallel
– Comes with 31 easing effects
– Animating objects on a set of way points
– Animate custom components
– Animate custom fields/properties
– Extend class to add more features
– Customize animation update type
– Loop, control, or jump to specific animation
– Bezier, Spline and Linear waypoint paths
– Comes with 5 free easy to learn demos

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