You are currently viewing FlowReactor – High level visual scripting

FlowReactor – High level visual scripting

Graph explorer
Thanks to the graph explorer you can easily navigate through your graph and sub-graphs, find groups and see which nodes are currently active. The graph explorer also locates errors in your graph.

✔ unlimited nested sub-graphs
✔ hand crafted nodes
✔ create custom nodes
✔ create coroutine nodes
✔ node wizard for custom nodes
✔ global variables (blackboards)
✔ global eventsystem (eventboards)
✔ scene override variables
✔ scriptable objects workflow
✔ graph explorer
✔ professional editor
✔ native look and feel
✔ undo & redo
✔ copy & paste nodes across graphs
✔ minimap
✔ zooming
✔ groups & comments
✔ branch movement

API compatibility level
FlowReactor makes use of the excellent Odin Serializer, therefore API compatibility level .NET 4.x is required.

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