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FlowCanvas is no doubt the most powerful visual scripting system to form and manipulate just about any side of gameplay components for your Unity games during a very similar fashion to Unreal Blueprints and Autodesk ray, however, with so much less programming information required!

FlowCanvas provides you with the complete flexibility of ideas generally accessible solely in code, through associate degree intuitive visual node editor, empowering you to form things from fast prototypes, up to complete game mechanics, while not writing one line of code.

✔ Designers: image, repeat and notice complete gameplay mechanics while not cryptography, whereas learning however code works the simple manner. If you’re aware of Unreal Blueprints, you’ll feel right reception.

✔ Programmers: Interface together with your code at the next level, making decoupled systems and/or give new self-contained nodes for designers with a straightforward and well-documented API.

By connecting Events, Flow Controllers, Actions and Functions along, you’ll produce and manipulate gameplay components as well as however on no account restricted to:
● Player Controls
● Level style Events
● Gameplay Mechanics
● User Interfaces
● Player Interactions
● and a full ton a lot of.

FlowCanvas Feature Highlights
● add an entire, intuitive Visual Node Editor with all expected professional options.
(undo/redo, zoom in/out, minimap, copy/pasting, multi-selection, comments, groups, JSON import/export and more)

● Use any kind of variables out of the box.
(Classes, Structs, Enums, Lists, Interfaces..)

● Use mechanically generated nodes for all and any Unity practicality, your code and third-party genus Apis. as well as strategies, Properties, Fields, Unity Events, C# Events, Generic strategies, Constructors and Operators.

● get pleasure from intrinsical Unity and custom code documentation, directly among the editor.

● Visual Script custom Macro nodes and employ them anyplace, or share with others.

● Visual Script custom Functions and employ them from anyplace among the flow script.

● React to nearly any Unity intrinsical event, or custom Unity and C# Event.

● various the Flow utilizing over twenty Flow management nodes.

● Visually right flow execution and worth information transfers in runtime.

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