Flight Kit

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Flight Kit is a complete trainer with stress on the nice look and fun gameplay.

• Optimized for performance: runs swimmingly on standalone, mobile and WebGL.
• supported Unity’s plane Controller that makes it compatible with everything enclosed within the normal Assets.
• prepared heavier-than-air craft controls with schemes for keyboard and bit inputs.
• Cool visual vogue which will be reused in any game.
• Includes shaders from COLR (http://u3d.as/oYh) – a group of custom shaders for full management of colours.
• Designed to simply produce new levels from enclosed assets.

What’s enclosed
• Everything you see within the demo.
• three custom shaders, as well as COLR – full-color management unlit mega-shader.
• twenty low-poly surroundings models.
• five heavier-than-air craft models.
Flight Kit contains various helpful scripts – gameplay, UI, boids, standalone and mobile heavier-than-air craft controls, etc.
• thirteen sound effects and a couple of music tracks (menu and gameplay).
• 49 UI sprites.

Demo one (WebGL, Android)
Demo two (WebGL, Android)
Flight Kit web content
Online Documentation
Forum Thread
API Reference

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