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OverviewFlexReader is a mono/.net library that greatly reduces the time and effort needed to read Microsoft Excel files. It supports both CSV(comma separated values) and XLSX(Excel 2007) formats. FlexReader also provides class mapping, which is aimed at converting raw data records directly into object collections.

Features- Supports CSV
– Supports XLSX(Excel 2007)
– Delimiter and enclose characters customization
– Cell path selector
– Span cells supported in XLSX
– Table manipulation, rotate, expand(rectangularize) and collapse(trim)
– Custom value converters
– Custom conversion fallback values
– Convenient mapping methods
– Generic and non-generic support
– High performance on large data records
– AOT compatible(runs on all platforms)
– Full source code and well abstracted
– Unity 3D ready(Unity tests included)
– Detailed guide and API documentation

Online documentation and support