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Flexalon Pro: 3D & UI Layouts


Curve Animator: Animate objects between layout positions with an adjustable animation curve.
Lerp Animator: Animate objects between layout positions using linear interpolation.
Rigid Body Animator: Animate rigid bodies towards layout positions using forces.
Custom Animators: Create your own animation strategy by implementing an interface.

Click and Drag

Flexalon Interactable: Add click and drag interactions which let users add, remove, and swap objects in layouts.
XR Interactions: Built-in support for Oculus Interaction SDK and XR Interaction Toolkit. Drag objects with hands or controllers between layouts.

Data Binding

Cloner: Generate objects based on a data source
Data Binding: Implement an interface to update objects with data items.


Flexalon automatically works with:
Mesh Renderer
Sprite Renderer
Rect Transform (Including Canvas)
Collider & Collider2D

Custom Adapters: Implement an interface to make Flexalon work with your own components.


The 3D models and materials in the marketing videos are NOT included in the Flexalon 3D Layouts package. They come from other wonderful creators on the asset store, including:

2D/3D Chess Pack
Metal Grids PBR
Real Materials Vol.0
Free Low Poly Swords
Robot Hero : PBR HP Polyart

Check out the details from the Unity Asset Store:

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