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Flexalon 3D Layouts

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NEW: Version 2.0.0: A BIG update to Flexalon that includes new layouts, interactions, bug fixes, and more! Check out the Release Notes! | Documentation | Playground | Templates | Forum

Let’s reimagine how we build 3D experiences.

Flexalon components let you quickly arrange objects in adjustable 3D patterns at edit time and/or runtime. The power of layout doesn’t need to be limited to 2D. Try it out in your browser by visiting the playground.

Design with Superpowers

Use Flexalon Animator Components to create immersive motion graphics that bring life to your games, interfaces, and cutscenes.

Effortless Integration

Flexalon won’t break your existing workflow, and doesn’t have any dependencies. Flexalon will only edit objects with Flexalon Layout Components attached.

You’re in Control

Choose if Flexalon should run at edit time, in game, or manually whenever you decide.

=== FEATURES ===

Flexalon Objects

Sizing: Precisely control width, height, and depth of objects.
Fill: Scale objects and layouts to fill the available space.
Margins and padding: Add empty space around objects and inside layouts.


Flexible Layout: Position objects linearly along the x, y, or z axis, with optional wrapping.
Grid Layout: Position objects in evenly spaced rows and columns along any two axes.
Circle Layout: Position objects around a circle.
Spiral Layout: Position objects along a spiral.
Curve Layout: Position objects along a line or Bézier curve with any number of points.
Random Layout: Position objects, rotate, and size objects randomly, with a stable random seed.
Align Layout (New!): Align all children to the parent on the specified axes.
Shape Layout (New!): Position children in a shape formation with a specified number of sides.
Constraints: Constrain an object to follow another object’s position, rotation, and size.
Custom Layouts: Create your own layouts by extending a base component.