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Flare Engine – 2D Tools

More: Feel free to read the docs and explore the remaining tools — Audio Manager, Scene Management, Scene Transitions, World Effects, Quest System and a couple more!

And of course, the project comes with demo and tidibit scenes to learn from. Safire 2D camera has one demo.

Since its release, Flare has gone through some notable updates:

— Pick up block ability

— Cannon ability

— Hide ability

— Grappling Hook

— New Input System support

— Sprite Swapping in Sprite Engine

— Spine-Unity support in Sprite Engine

— Unity animation support in Sprite Engine

— Journal notebook for items and quests

— Save menu

— and a ton of more things!

**Please be careful when updating to a new version of Flare. You can probably skip the project settings folder as this will override your sorting layers and tabs.

Recommended version to use is Unity 2020.3. If there are any install errors, you typically have to install the Collections and New Input System from the Package Manager. Other possible packages: URP and Burst.

Check out the details from the Unity Asset Store:

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