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FKM PineForest 4 Seasons

download FKM PineForest 4 Seasons FREE Unity

A high quality, low polygon, PineForest Environment pack that includes Summer, Autumn, Spring & Winter season assets.
Use just a few assets for a toon type game style or build a richly detailed environment.

4 Day & 4 Night demo scenes used for screenshots and web demos are included and ready to use.

Main Features:
Each season reads off 1 x 4mb 1024 tga atlas texture for low draw calls.
301 Prefabs included in each season.
Season appropriate ground textures.
Trees, rocks, bridges, fences, flowers, logs, groundcover, mushrooms, signposts & lamps.
Particle effects included for that extra touch of magic are falling leaves, fireflies, insects, magical bursts and magical zones.
Meshes optimized for mobile devices.