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First Person View 2

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First Person View 2 offers a solution for first person render in Unity, where first person objects won’t clip through the environment, have a separate field of view and receive shadows from the environment.

New in First Person View 2!
– Support for HDRP and URP for Unity 2019.3+ using ShaderGraph,
– Much simpler and easier setup for the Default Renderer,
– Ability to easily fade in/out of First Person View, useful when interacting with the environment,
– Finer control over changing shadow casting mode in and out of FPV.

HDRP/URP Advantages:
– Super easy setup using ShaderGraph
– Doesn’t require any code/GCInc changes
– Doesn’t require re-setup for newer Unity versions
– Less limitations on Post Processing effects

— Notes —
– Please note that this is not a first person controller.
– Content from screenshots and videos are from my game, No Heroes, and are not included with First Person View 2.

Default Renderer Limitations:
– Partially supports temporal effects. In FPV3, Motion Vectors are essentially “disabled” but still active. TAA for example will still partially work, but temporal motion blur will not.
– Light and Shadows calculations are stretched for first person objects.
– Not a limitation, but when updating to a newer Unity version, you’ll need to setup FPV again for that version of Unity. All steps are provided in the manual. HDRP/URP don’t require this re-setup for newer versions.