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First Person Exploration Kit

Download First Person Exploration Kit FREE Unity

Completely Compatible with Unity 5.6.7+, 2017, 2018, and Unity 2019. Utilizations Unity’s UI Canvas System.

First Person Exploration Kit is a finished bundle to make a First Person Environmental Exploration or Adventure game.

It incorporates all that you have to begin.

Redesigning from 1.2? Examine the movement control

Presently with Doors and Drawers, so you can look through work areas, organizers, cupboards and more!

Complete with Save Game System with auto-save money on level change (intended for Windows PC)

Full Menu System with UI components and illustrations with layouts

Full character controller with discretionary Run, Jump and Crouch

Worked in Keyboard, Mouse, and Xbox gamepad support with extendable information framework

First Person Exploration Kit Incorporates 10 diverse Base collaboration types for an assortment of intriguing approaches to connect with the world