Fingers – Touch Gestures for Unity

Download Fingers Touch Gestures for Unity 2.7.0 Free Unity

#1 Gesture Asset
Fingers are your one-stop choice for all gesture handling in Unity (and other C# platforms as Fingers core code has no Unity specific references).

Platform Support
Fingers have been tested and run great on MAC, Windows, iOS and Android. Full C# source code is provided! No other asset matches Fingers Gestures on price and feature set.

Trusted by the Unity Team
Fingers – Touch Gestures for Unity has been featured in multiple Unity promotions and tutorial videos, showing the high quality and full feature set and value proposition.

Full Gesture Framework
With Fingers, you get all the common touch gestures you are used to built-in. This includes tap, double-tap, long tap, pan, rotate, scale and swipe gestures. In addition, creating your own custom gestures is simple and easy. Code is well commented with tons of demo scenes and tutorial videos.

Mobile Controls
Fingers contain on-screen controls like d-pad and joystick, great for hand-held devices. First-person and third-person controllers are also built right in, just drop a prefab in and you are ready to go!

Virtual Touches
Easily inject your own touches from AR, VR or any other source using the simple virtual touch interface. Fingers can work with any environment or system.

Design Time Gestures – No Code!
Adding gestures in the inspector has never been easier. Simply add from the component menu and configure your gesture. Set the callback to your script and you are done! Pan/rotate/scale and drag and drop is simple. Built-in scripts for these scenarios, with demo scenes, are provided. CrossPlatformInputManager integration is available for the joystick and d-pad controls.

Image / Shape Recognition
Fingers contain image recognition gestures. With a few minutes of tweaking, you can recognize shapes like circles, lightning bolts, checkmarks and the letter X.

Zoom / Rotate Preview with the Mouse
Previewing gestures in the player is easy, even without a touch screen. Just use the shift and control key plus mouse wheel to simulate pinch and rotate gestures, along with each button to simulate a different finger.

Built on Solid Design Patterns
Fingers have a similar architecture to UIGestureRecognizer from iOS, but is built using all C# code and will easily run on any platform that has a mouse or touch screen.

Unity UI integration
Gestures are restricted to most UI elements by default, but this is easily configured if you want the gestures to pass through additional UI elements. This asset works great with the default Unity UI and Event System.

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