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Finder for Game Creator 1

As a developer building your amazing games and software with Game Creator, you will find that your project can get quite large, often very quickly. Even with a good and organized hierarchy it can be cumbersome locating that specific action, trigger, condition or something else that you need to look at right away. Finder for Game Creator is the ultimate asset for finding and editing Game Creator components and scriptable objects!

This asset requires Game Creator and won’t work without it.


Central Editor
Edit all Game Creator Components and Scriptable Objects from centralized Editor windows for each Game Creator Module.

Powerful Search
Searching for a name of a component? Searching for a description in a condition? Sort from A-Z or Z-A?
I have you covered!

Own Installer
Featuring an own installer, you can quickly enable or disable the additional modules. Each installed module allows you to search and edit more components and scriptable objects.