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Final Camera Effects Pro

All the effects are optimized and designed to work well together to get the best performance and visual quality. Effects are attached to the camera and are applied as a post-processing step – this way, performance is dependent on screen resolution only and not on the scene complexity.

Using powerful tone mapping and color grading controls (which include support for 3rd party color LUTs) you can adjust final look of the scene to match your artistic vision.

Our depth of field implementation provides interesting additional feature – polygonal aperture simulation. This can be used e.g. to make bright out of focus spots create the desired shape (hexagon/octagon/…) just like with a real lens. Vignetting provides also desaturation mode to affect color saturation rather than the brightness of the image and possibility to use custom colors for the vignette. Bloom comes with many options to control the range and intensity of the effect.

The package comes with full source code for both C# script and the shader.

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