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Final Camera Effects Pro

Download Final Camera Effects Pro Free Unity. 

Final Camera Effects Pro package is a collection of image effects for simulating some properties of real camera lens such as depth of field, vignetting and distortion for Unity 5 (5.6 or higher).

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Fully integrated and compatible with Cinemachine.

Final Camera Effects Pro Package contains the following effects:

– Depth of field effect with polygonal aperture (Bokeh)
– Bloom effect
– Vignetting
– Chromatic aberrations
– Lens distortion
– Color Grading
– Tone Mapping (ACES)
– Color LUTs Support
These effects can be used to make your scenes look closer to as if they were captured with real camera and lens – making computer generated graphics look more natural or to achieve the “cinematic look” for cut scenes or in-game. Being very tweakable, the effects can be combined, reordered, customized and overdone to create interesting looks or visual effects.

– Compatible with Unity 5.6, 2017 and 2018
– Works on Linux/Mac/Windows/WebGL
– The plugin is not tested on mobile devices.
All the effects are optimized and designed to work well together to get the best performance and visual quality. Effects are attached to the camera and are applied as a post-processing step – this way, performance is dependent on screen resolution only and not on the scene complexity.