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File Transfer Server

Do you need to transfer files between different devices locally? Now you can do it, and you don’t have to install any dedicated server.

File Transfer Server adds to your games or applications the ability to transfer files from any supported platform to any supported platform. From mobile to standalone, mobile to mobile, etc. (Check supported platforms)

– Full source code available.
– No plugins required.
– High transfer rates: from 3MB/s up to 10MB/s (Depending on network type, hardware, and platform).
– IPV6 ready.
– Technical support.
– Automatic FTS available devices discovery (IPV4 only).
– Multi-thread communications and file control that allows being used in games and VR.
– file management asset included.
– Open Wav Parser asset included.
– No need to install a dedicated server.
– Fully configurable.
– Fully event-driven workflow.
– Fully documented.
– Robust UDP asynchronous protocol.
– Fail-safe on losing the connection (incomplete files are not saved/overwritten).
– Includes a Visual Studio (Windows Forms) example project.
– Multiple instances allowed (Excepting two instances with the same IP and same PORT due to UDP limitations).

Supported platforms:
– Windows.
– OSX.
– Linux.
– iOS.
– Android.
– Windows Forms (Visual Studio example).

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