Fast food, Restaurant & Cooking Tycoon Starter Kit

Fast food, Restaurant & Cooking Tycoon Starter Kit is easy to use and learn time management tycoon game project that can greatly speed up your prototypes and can be used as a strong base for further development and experiments. It has all nuts and bolts to build a fully functional cooking tycoon game.

The package suits all people with every skill level.

This asset package is unique and you can’t find anything similar in the Asset Store. When purchased you don’t only get the package, but you also get premium support so all your problems will get solved quickly.

Android APK | WebPlayer

– Full game flow with Menu, Shop, IAB, Level Selection and Game scenes.
– Supports Android, iOS, Web, Windows and Mac
– Available in C#
– Supports an unlimited number of customers, products and ingredients
– Comes with 8 predefined customer
– Comes with 15 predefined ingredients
– Comes with 14 predefined products
– Comes with 3 predefined side-requests
– Grill machine to process raw ingredients
– Mobile-friendly (with awesome performance!)
– Extremely flexible to re-skin and re-master
– Full support 24/7. We guarantee your satisfaction.

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