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Farland Skies – Low Poly

Minimalistic, low-poly style skybox with a custom single-pass shader that works as a regular skybox material, avoiding the use of any sphere or mesh.

Customization Demo
Day-Night Cycle Demo

• Dynamic three-color gradient sky with adjustable exponents.
• Three types of stars, with adjustable twinkling speed and horizon extinction.
• Five types of sun and moon, with customizable size, tint, and position.
• Three types of nifty low-poly clouds with dynamic height and tint.
• Fully customizable day-night cycle.
• Easy to control either from scripts or directly in the editor.
• High Performance. Optimized for mobile devices and VR platforms.
• Supports both Built-In and Universal Rendering Pipeline.

Also, it’s easy to integrate, just drag prefab to your scene and you’re ready to go!

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