You are currently viewing Fantasy Kingdom – Spawner Pack for “POLYGON Fantasy Kingdom”

Fantasy Kingdom – Spawner Pack for “POLYGON Fantasy Kingdom”

Procedural Spawner Pack for POLYGON Fantasy Kingdom.

Create luscious scenes fast with the Fantasy Kingdom Spawner Pack!

Purchase the POLYGON Fantasy Kingdom kit from Synty Studio’s and make stunning Low Poly environments in just minutes.

I love modular asset packs! I get excited by visions of the amazing worlds I could create, and so i start placing blocks… and then reality sets in. Manually placing tens to hundreds of thousands of perfectly aligned objects into your scene is intensely time consuming.

Wouldn’t it be cool if you could create and place infinite variatons of castles, buildings, props, rocks and vegetation in fraction’s of a second? What about flattening the terrain under buildings, or painting forests, or making roads, paths, rivers and fences?

Enter the Fantasy Kingdom Spawner Pack by Procedural Worlds. It merges the procedural power of Gaia Pro and GeNa Pro with your artistic vision to enable you to create in minutes what would take weeks or months by hand.

Sample Work Flow:

Here is a example work flow for how you would create or enhance your scene with the Fantasy Kingdom Spawner Pack.

1. Create your terrain with Gaia Pro or Gaia Pro 2021

2. Fill your scene with GeNa Pro

Manually place complex castles and buildings with a click
Add rivers and roads and even whole streets along splines
Add a wide range of props all perfectly placed with more clicks
Paint in cliffs, large rocks, small rocks, and other ground cover
Paint in forests, bushes flowers and grass wherever looks good

3. Finalize & optimize your scene with Gaia Pro

Please note, steps 1 & 3 are optional and can either be omitted completely or done with your existing tool of choice. GeNa Pro works with both mesh terrain and Unity terrain.

Design Time or Runtime!

GeNa Pro works as happily at run time as it does at design time. For more advanced developers the GeNa Pro spawners can be executed via scripts at runtime for completely random procedural environments.

Required Assets:

The Fantasy Kingdom Spawner Pack is a hybrid asset pack. What this means are that there are several other packs that must also be purchased and installed in order for it to work as it builds on their content and systems.

POLYGON Fantasy Kingdom – Awards 2020 Winner – Best Artistic Content.
Gaia Pro 2021 – Awards 2020 Winner – Best Artistic Tool.
GeNa Pro – Awards 2018 Finalist (GeNa) – Best Artistic Tool.

Note : Gaia Pro is optional.

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