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Fantasy Hex Tiles + Decorations

– Dryad(4 colors)

– Demon(4 colors)

– Ice Golem

– Werewolf

• Bridge options for all directions

• Basic UI elements (buttons, panels, bar, slider)

Please note that water shaders require the ShaderGraph package, so if you want to use it – you will need HDRP or URP.

For animated characters, we provide two types of animation. The first is a classic sprite animation, and the second one is a Spine bone animation project that includes exported Spine animation and project source files. Also, all characters’ PSD – is cut so you can make your animation.

Currently, we are working on some suggestions from your feedback, including additional edge tiles(for rule tiling), and quality of life adjustments. In v3.0, we plan to make a major project cleaning so in case you use anything that is marked as obsolete we recommend saving it before updating the project.

Don’t wait to put your hands on this pack and good luck with your awesome projects!

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