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Fantasy Game Sound Effects

Improved file-names, organization & metadata
Added 108 new sound effects (creatures, magic, weapons, ambience loops)
Mixed & masted all audio files
Sound Effect Examples:

elemental magic, arcade missiles, dark conjures, fairy dust, ice, molten lava, spells and fire casts, earth, lightning, shadow casts and spells, crafting, drop reagents, poison, forge, harvests, organic gathers, and pick ups, liquid touches, potions, ui, buttons, clicks, transitions, collect stone, rock items, hits, crafting, cloth, wood, armor, metal, and weapons, bows, crossbows, knives, swords, creature growls, grunts backpack, page turns, chests, wooden levers, pots inventory taps, tabs, buttons, themed confirms and selects footsteps on dirt, grass, stone, and water and more.

Upon purchase – please reach out to support if want the mp3 or 96k 24bit .wav versions of the Fantasy Game sound pack.

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