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Fantasy Environment – Summer Pond

A small pack containing various props that can help create beautiful fantasy landscapes like forests or vast fields. The grass is created directly with Unity’s terrain and the vegetation with Unity’s standard “Tree” creator; this is supported only by the Built-in RP. The textures are handpainted to give a stylized feeling.

Pack contains:
– a total of 35 prefabs
– 7 grass textures to be used for Unity’s terrain creator (1024×1024 resolutions)
– 2 trees and 4 bushes prefabs created with Unity’s standard Tree creator (1024×1024 resolutions for the leaves; geometry for LODs 0: ~500 tris for the bushes and ~6000 tris for the trees). All the prefabs have 3 LODs
– 4 simple tileable textures to be used for Unity’s terrain (512×512 resolutions).
– 1 atlas for the clouds (2048×2048 resolution)
– various wooden pieces for creating simple bridges, walking platforms, fences, etc (1024×1024 resolutions for textures; geometry for LODs 0: ~300 tris). All the prefabs have 3 LODs
– most of the materials contain Albedo and Normal maps.
– some particles like dust, falling leaves and fog
– demo scene as seen in the showcase video and some other examples

Note: check the “Info” file inside the package for more information.
All the assets are using Unity’s standard materials and shaders so in theory they should work (if upgraded) with any Unity version and render pipeline (except for the trees and grass) but it has not been tested. The character visible in the gameplay videos is not included.