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Fantasy Environment Pack

Download Fantasy Environment Pack FREE Unity

4096×4096 Targa Sheet (32 Bit)
185 prefab count (including variations)
Unity Version: Unity 5.01f1
Recommended Shader: Transparent Cutout Diffuse

Fantasy Environment Pack consists of multiple floor tiles, foliage, environment props, and building pieces. Each object is built with a modular approach in mind. This quick guide is intended to give an overview of the pack as well as some useful tips to getting started on your environment.

Fantasy Environment Pack Organization:
Each prefab adheres to a simple naming convention; Name_Descriptor_Variant_Scale. This is used to quickly find pieces within the scene. The scale number is set as a constant square, taking into account the largest side of the object in grid units for easier placement within the scene. For example, a small-sized tree takes up 6×6 grid units, where a large tree takes up 8×8. Another way to categorize objects of different scales is with the descriptor section of the name. Objects with variable size will fall under Large, Med, or Small. You can quicksort objects by either size or grid space by searching
[Desired size] t:Model
So for example, if I require a 4×4 grid model to fit within a space on my map, I would search “4×4 t: Model” to find a list of all the applicable meshes.

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