Fantasy Environment and Animated Characters (Pixel Art)

Download Fantasy Environment and Animated Characters Free Unity (Pixel Art)

Pack with various 2D enlivened characters and Environment objects.

Additionally, the pack contains test scene (from a video) and some example contents to energize and move Protagonist.

Additionally, pack incorporates little reward – 4 sprite sheets not in pixel workmanship: Protagonist, Protagonist Armor, Enemy, Particles.

Progressive system of Asset has been changed! If it’s not too much trouble make a reinforcement before bringing in a new form.

Peruse the subtleties in the Readme.txt

The pack contains:

– Animated characters

– 2 Tilesets of landscape

– Tileset of Buildings to construct your own one of a kind structures

– many items

– In complete pack contains roughly 400 sprites (counting liveliness)

The pack contains enlivened characters:

– 1 Protagonist

– 1 Bandit foe

– 1 Fireball foe

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