Fallen: Photoscanned Ruins Pack

Download Fallen: Photoscanned Ruins Pack Free Unity. 

This pack contains photo scanned assets of ruined church and abbey.
Most of them could be used as modular elements. So, you can build your own ruined church, cloister or tower bell and etc.
Add realism to your worlds by giving them scars and memories from the past!

– 8 unique archs ( with variations).
– 1 frontage of a church.
– 5 unique walls ( with variations).
– 11 unique columns and pillars.
– 1 pavement tileable materials.
– 1 stone wall tileable materials.

Version 1.1:
– Textures resolution increase to 4K ( except for columns and church wall 03)
– Texture atlasing for columns assets and church wall 03
– Artifacts and normals baking problems corrected
– Post-process settings provided for Unity 2018.3 and a more recent version
– All terrains and background rocks shown in screenshots and video added
All prefabs have colliders. Some of the meshes have LODs. All materials are PBR. Please note: birds and trees are not included.

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