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Download FairyGUI Kit Free Unity. 

FairyGUI is a flexible UI framework for Unity, working with the FREE professional Game UI Editor: FairyGUI Editor.
Download UI Editor.

* WYSWYG, artist friendly.
* Complex UI components can be designed in editor directly, no scripts required.
* Provided time axis to design UI transitions.
* Design for both web and mobile.
* Support for building and using sequence frame animation simply as a image.
* Support bitmap fonts by using BMFont or images.
* Powerful list component. Support virtual list and loop list.
* Support pixel hit test.
* Easy to mix with other 3D elements, like models, particles and RenderTextures.
* Builtin gesture support..
* Support VR. Easy to bind UI to any shape, such as a Curved UI.
* Flexible publish strategy, support packing atlas automatically, support multiple atlas in one package.
* Multi language UI support.
* Provided scale strategy for different resolution.
* Stable and efficient.