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Facebook Instant Game Exporter

Download Facebook Instant Game Exporter Free Unity. 

Help to make game run on Facebook Instant Game Platform both Web & Messenger.

Important update:
Do not require install Facebook addon!
Do not require install Facebook addon!
Do not require install Facebook addon!

Version changes:
Ver 1.2.1
1. Add API
a. void FBInstant.payments.onReady(System.Action cb)
b. void FBInstant.payments.getCatalogAsync(System.Action<FBError, Product[]> cb)
c. void FBInstant.payments.purchaseAsync(PurchaseConfig purchaseConfig, System.Action<FBError, Purchase> cb)
d. void FBInstant.payments.getPurchasesAsync(System.Action<FBError, Purchase[]> cb)
e. void FBInstant.payments.consumePurchaseAsync(string purchaseToken, System.Action<FBError> cb)
f. bool FBInstant.payments.isSupportPayments()
2. API Demo
3. Update Document

Ver 1.1.1
1. Add API FBInstant.context.getPlayersAsync
2. Game Main Entry Script can be placed in other directory
3. Update Document

Ver 1.0.9
1. Update Document.Only Support Ver 2018 & Ver 2019. It’s hard to success test on Ver 2020.

Ver 1.0.8
1. Support Unity 2019.Tested with Unity 2019.1.14f1. If you are useing older verion like 2018. You no need to upgrade to this version.
2. Unity 2019 use fb-instant SDK 6.3.

Ver 1.0.7
1. API Changed(Compatible with older version):
FBInstant.PreloadRewaredVideoAd (string adId) to
FBInstant.PreloadRewaredVideoAd (string adId, System.Action<bool> onReadCallback = null)