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Fabgrid – Level Editor

Fabgrid is a simple and powerful 3D level editing tool that puts usability in focus. With its easy-to-use interface, it is ideal for both quick level prototyping and larger projects.

What can Fabgrid offer you?

✔️ Clear and organized user interface.

✔️ Simple and easy workflow without any bloat.

✔️ Brush tool.

✔️ Selection box tool for mass selection.

✔️ Eraser tool.

✔️ Rectangle tool.

✔️ Layers.

✔️ Categories for organizing tiles.

✔️ Flexible tile importer.

✔️ Advanced snap system (choose between adaptive, mesh, floor and grid snapping).

✔️ Intuitive UI organized into different panels.

✔️ Built-in documentation.