Extreme Vehicle Pack

Extreme Vehicle Pack is a part of the Extreme Pack Series.

This package contains 60 models:

View the demo scene here

June 2015 – added 3 new vehicles

– 14 Cars
– 7 Bikes
– 8 Trains
– 9 Trucks
– 8 Special Vehicles
– 4 Military Vehicles
– 4 Helicopters
– 9 Tiremark Decals

Brighten up your city and highways with this amazing vehicle pack. Use these optimized helicopters, bikes, cars en train as front or background objects.

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Some models contain the LOD group. All models include a .targa texture and normal map file, a material and a shadow FX so that they can also be used in the standard Unity version.

Asset Store Link – https://assetstore.unity.com/packages/3d/vehicles/land/extreme-vehicle-pack-8344

Extreme_Vehicle_Pack.unitypackage – 268.11 MBDownload

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