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Extreme Sci-Fi Level Creator

Download Extreme Sci-Fi Level Creator FREE Unity. 

Welcome to my “Extreme Sci-Fi Level Creator”. This kit features Well over 2,700 Modular Prefabs

Most prefabs in this package use a shared material with the name: “Utility_Map.” With 8 different texture variations! Combine any of those 8 material types with prefabs to give you an almost endless amount of prefabs to use!

Best if used with Unity 5.2.0 or higher!
V 1.5: adding:
-100s more modular wall prefabs and corridor types.
-New textures/ materials, you can texture prefabs up to 8 different ways for any prefab that use a material with “Utility_Map” in its name!
-New emissive shaders applied to existing materials, and with new materials as shown in pictures below!
-4 new Space terrain textures, great for moons or planet surfaces.
-6 new Turret Models, each with their own attachable parts, great for moving each piece separately combined with animations!
Build types in this update include:
Sci-Fi futuristic scenes.
Sci-Fi Space Stations.
Planet Surfaces.
Previous release included build types for:
Space Station

Check out the Extreme Sci-Fi Website for more info, and to play the 2 Web Demos featured in this package:
Extreme Sci-Fi Creator Website
And play the newest Web Demo showcasing this update on my website:
Lunar Landing Demo
All Walls, Corridors, floors, and other assets, are 2-sided, so don’t worry too much about being limited to just building interior scenes. This package supports both interior and exterior builds!

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