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Eva Adventurer

Download Eva Adventurer Free Unity. 

Low polygonal game ready animated model of woman.

Character is perfect for a first person or 3rd person adventure game. May fight as warrior, archer, mage, rogue…
It come with many animation, and textures, but Character Controller NOT included!


115 Animation for warrior, mage, archer combats and general moves. 98 “on place” animations. And 26 animations with root motion data used by Unity Mecanim.
There are very high detailed textures. diffuse, specular, opacity and normals maps.
TIF file format 4096×4096, 2048X2048, 1024X1024.
Unity 5 PBS shaders.
Sample Scene included.
Humanoid Mecanim ready setup.
It will work 100% precised with my Medieval Animations Mega Pack and all his collections.
2 Body textures (naked and with underclothes) included.
4 Hair textures included.
Original 3D MAX file included with rigged character in T-pose.
Rig has 75 bones.
Easy Equipment System scripts and documentation included. Thanks for moco of for help with the
equipment system!

Asset included 3 different character setups:

1. Use Eva_OPTIMIZED prefab if you want to use Eva as simple character with full armor and weapon sets. There are no body parts under clothes. You don’t need to show or hide nothing except hair or hood. Model with all armors and weapons: 15,928 polygons, 31,174 triangles and 17,317 vertexes.

2. Use EVA_Full_Animated If you like to dress or undress Eva full or partially. There is full body under clothes. This FBX file contains all animation data which re-targets to other Eva character setups.
Model with all armors and weapons: 20,660 polygons, 40,194 triangles and 21,936 vertexes.

3. Eva_Equpment_Sys Will give you ability to use character with every possible variants. It provide ability to add more clothes, hire styles, weapons and heads to this character, which makes him a good option to be used as main game character with many custom options.
You can make additional equipment by yourself using 3D soft like pd MAX (.max file provided) Maya or Blender.
If you make new staff for Eva please check Easy Equipment System how to use it. Or take a look on Eva_Equipment_Sys in scene I provided.


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