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Ethereal URP – Volumetric Lighting & Fog

Ethereal URP – Volumetric lighting and Fog is an asset dedicated to the creation of atmospheric fog and volumetric lighting effects in the Universal Pipeline, by simulating the illumination of the small particles present in the atmosphere.

The system is made for the native URP rendering system* for maximum performance and compatibility, bringing state-of-the-art volumetric lighting system to Unity URP platform.

The asset can be upgraded to the full Sky Master ULTIMATE weather and volumetric clouds Suit for only $15 during the Asset Store Sale !!!

The asset is also included in Sky Master ULTIMATE URP Suit, make sure to buy that system and upgrade to Ethereal for maximum discount and access to all atmosphere effects, including volumetric clouds for both URP and HDRP !!!

The asset also includes the Atrium and Forest demos, with all assets available for use in your game. A bonus URP foliage shader is also included, featuring wind and sub surface scattering.

▶ All types of lights supported
▸ Volume shadows support (Directional, Spot, Point**)
▸ Shadow mask support with included mask shader
▶ Effect controls
▸ Density
▸ Height
▸ Atmospheric Scattering
▸ Tint
▸ Occlusion
▸ Quality
▸ Noise
▶ Texture2D and Texture3D Noise options
▶ Complete demo scenes for use in game, Forest and Atrium, including special foliage shader

For tutorials & latest information, visit Ethereal forum.