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Enviro Lite – Sky and Weather

Download Enviro Lite – Sky and Weather FREE Unity. 

Enviro Lite – The complete dynamic lightweight sky and weather solution!

Very easy setup:

The new manager component makes it easy as possible to setup Enviro Lite in your scenes.

Profile System:

Enviro’s Lite profile system makes tweaking your sky as easy as possible. Tweak settings in runtime and save to profile. Load profiles in design and runtime. Create different profiles for different scenes or share your configurations with other user.

Day-Night cycle:

Enviro Lite supports a realistic day-night cycle. With correct sun and moon positions with full location support with latitude and longitude. You have options to use your system time or let enviro update time based on realtime minutes.


Enviro Lite includes an light skybox shader to get great looking dynamic skies! Easy to tweak as you only have two gradients, one for horizon and one for the top sky. Together with some Mie scattering you will get realistic looking skies that are supported on all platforms and are very lightweight.


Enviro Lite will realisticly light your scene based on sun altitude. You have complete control over light intensity and color by modifying curves and gradients right in editor! You also can choose between different ambient light modes of course.


Enviro Lite will change seasons and got a components to swap out gameobject, materials and textures of Unity terrain. You are not limited to realistic settings! You can set the start and end days of each season. Enviro also supports temperature simulation, based on season, time of day and current weather.


Beautiful particle based and skybox clouds for your dynamic sky. These clouds are fast and look great. Enviro Lite also support cirrus clouds rendered directly in skybox. With three layers of clouds you get amazing looking dynamic skies for your projects.


Need stunnishing looking fog? Enviro Lite includes an advanced light scattering fog image effect with distance, height and sky fog support. Need fog on your transparent material? No problem, with only a few lines of code you could modify your own transparent shaders to be fogged correctly. And a few particle and transparent shaders already included to get you started! But for performance reason, especially on mobiles, you also can use Unity forward fog. The fog color will match your sky horizon for a realistic dynamic look.


Enviro Lite includes a very powerfull weather system. You can create your own weather types and drive light, sky, fog and clouds. Enviro supports all kind of unity shuriken particle effects to give you the freedom to create any weather effect you can think of. It includes 11 premade weather types including: Clear Sky, cloudy, raining, stormy, snowy and foggy weather. You can enable lightning storms and choose different ambient and weather sounds for each weather with smooth transitions.


Enviro Lite support UNet, Mirror and Photon out of the box. It will synchronize time and weather with all your players. Enviro Lite also got an minimal mode for headless servers to only calculate time and weather but nothing more.

Virtual Reality:

Enviro Lite supports multi and singlepass/instanced stereoscopic rendering! Tested on Oculus Rift.

That’s not all! Enviro Lite includes a lot more great features:

* Event system for you game logic.

* Weather Zones. Create as many zones with their own weather for your biomes.