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English Tracing Book

Download English Tracing Book Free Unity. 

Use the Hand or Mobile Pen to trace and fill the letters (Lowercase,Uppercase) , numbers and words or sentences.

Complete tracing package which you can use to create your own shapes or different languages for the tracing using Line or Fill features. It includes a set of built-in Editors used to manage and create your own shapes easily.

Ready for publish !

WebGL Demo | Android Demo | Support | Forum

Key Features

⚪ Ability to create different language(s)
⚪ Smooth Tracing and Filling
⚪ A-Z Uppercase Complete Letters
⚪ a-z Lowercase Complete Letters
⚪ 0-9 Complete Numbers
⚪ 26 Words and ability to add more
⚪ Tracing Helper (Hint)
⚪ Letters & Numbers Pronunciation
⚪ Shapes Managers
⚪ Shapes Factory ~NEW
⚪ Line/Fill Tracing ~NEW
⚪ Words/Sentence Generator ~NEW
⚪ Singleton Manager
⚪ Win, Reset Dialogs
⚪ Sound Effects
⚪ Particles Effects
⚪ Fourteen Colored Pencils
⚪ Support Mobile, Web and more Platforms
⚪ Complete set of scenes
⚪ Extra Backgrounds
⚪ Unity UI built-in features
⚪ Advertisements Manager
⚪ Admob Integration
⚪ ChartBoost Integration
⚪ Unity Ads Integration
⚪ Persistent data (loading & saving)
⚪ Scrollable lists
⚪ Letters Rating
⚪ Debug messages
⚪ Commented source code in C#
⚪ Package Manual

Works with Unity 5.5.0 or Higher built-in features. As well as supports Unity 2017 , 2018 , 2019 or Higher.

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