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Enchanted Edge

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Thy hammer’s common no more.
‘Tis Thor’s Hammer, Mjölnir!

Enchanted Edge is a Shuriken particle effect library for adding looping buff or elemental effects to your weaponry or if you only need an instant ethereal pillar. It does not contain non-built-in script or shader out of concern of compatibility. Only mobile-particle additive and alpha blended shaders are used.

Elements commonly seen in existent fantasy games are covered in this package: Regular buff, fire, ice, lightning, wind, water, holy, darkness, toxin, arcane, wood, earth. Each has 2 power tiers.

Also 3 variants of weapon types primarily built for straight sword, hammer and arrow, all of regular length. You can change the particle emitter shapes for fitting the effect on dagger, spear, cane, rod, axe, scythe, etc.

Each effect is composed of a “sustaining” effect, a “swinging” trail effect which is more prominent when the parent prefab moves vigorously and finally an “on-hit” effect triggers on collision. All 3 effects are provided in a grouped preset and individually so you can use the whole set right away or mix and match to your preference.