Eliot AI Pro

◽ Multiple options for Perception to fit your purposes better (2D Perception, second perception, distance-based perception and more)

◽ Your characters are capable of dodging as an addition to the rest of the Motion features

◽ Easily bind your Resources (e.g. energy) with Motion to simulate tiredness

◽ Ability to use Unity Events to control your characters by binding any keys to actions without having to code

◽ Our Powerful Utility AI System within the Eliot Graph

◽ Finite State Machines within the Eliot Graph

◽ Custom Parameters within Behaviours and Interfaces. Behaviours are now even more reusable and customizable

◽ Control Animation within the Behaviours.

◽ Character Wave Generation and Pooling Handler

◽ Unlimited Skills

◽ Unlimited Key-Skill Bindings

◽ Turret option capability for Motion

◽ Patrol Functionality for Motion

◽ Perception Mask Filtering Capabilities. Increase performance by using physics layers

◽ Ability to reuse your characters’ objects upon death as an alternative to reinstating them every time

◽ Advanced Behaviour Functionality (Run Away, Walk Away, Patrol, Dodge, Etc.)

◽ Pro Interface DARK Skins and High-End UI

Check out the Price on Unity Asset Store: https://assetstore.unity.com/packages/tools/ai/eliot-ai-pro-158558

Now download Eliot AI Pro FREE Unity.

Download For Free Server 1DOWNLOAD
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