uShader PRO

uShader is a powerful yet easy to use creator for visual scripting of shaders.
This editor doesn’t require deep knowledge of computer graphics and takes care of most problems that you could encounter in development of shaders with CG or GLSL by yourself.

The interface is designed so that visual programming is simple and intuitive.
• interface for simple visual programming
• fast access to the information about each component
• the ability to debug step by step
• fine-tuning of each step of the rendering

uShader takes care of all coding for you and doesn’t require you to write any line.
It’s no longer necessary to debug shaders manually with uShader.
Our product can track the health of the code on its own.

• the ability to monitor the result of shading at each step of your algorithm
• monitoring support on the platforms
• powerful built-in safety system that warns you of possible problems with the performance and guarantees reliability of the shader
• full control of the lighting model
• complete control over vertices

uShader is a full-fledged IDE. Therefore, it allows you to develop shaders of any level of complexity, from the simple shaders which can be handled even by smartphones to more detailed ones and ones used in advertising materials.
More about features

uShader is fully compatible with Metallic Workflow and Specular Workflow, allowing your shaders to be at the forefront of capabilities of rendering on Unity.
Thanks to the full support of the PBR which doesn’t require user intervention, working with uShader is feasible even to novices in computer graphics.

Every shader created by uShader is fully self-contained and doesn’t require the IDE for its work.

uShader contains powerful features for working with tessellation that allow you to use both the most detailed algorithms and ones designed for comfortable use on the fly.

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